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Truth on Its Head

Unusual Wisdom in the Paradoxes of the Bible

Warren W. Wiersbe

160 pages
Lexham Press
Trusted and respected Bible teacher Warren Wiersbe provides uncommon wisdom based on a lifetime of studying and teaching the Bible. He examines 15 paradoxes of the Christian life-things that seem counter-intuitive at first but eventually make good sense. According to the author, "Paradoxes attract our attention, challenge our faith, and provoke us into thinking deeper and asking wiser questions. They lead us into truths that, if we act upon them, will help us to grow out of spiritual childhood and into the blessings of spiritual maturity."
Author Bio
Warren W. Wiersbe is a former pastor of three churches, including historic Moody Church in Chicago, radio teacher at Back to the Bible, conference speaker, and a prolific writer of more than 150 books. A gifted Bible teacher, Wiersbe is best known for his series of BE commentaries and the editor of The Life Transformation Study Bible.