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Introduction to Dogmatic Theology

E. A. Litton

328 pages
Lexham Press
Introduction to Dogmatic Theology presents a rare examination of dogmatic theology from an Anglican perspective.

Originally published in 1882, Litton's work holds to the essentials of evangelical faith, while drawing heavily from St. Augustine. Primarily a dogmatic theology, Litton's work also serves indirectly as a commentary on the 39 Articles, yet is free from the limitations a true commentary would present. It deals with subjects such as faith, Christian theism, the state of man, angels, and the person and work of Christ.

Readers will find this book a comprehensive and balanced treatment of Anglican dogmatic theology.
Author Bio
E. A. Litton (1813-1897) was an Anglican theologian and fellow at Oriel College, University of Oxford. He also served as rector of Naunton, Gloucestershire and is the author of The Church of Christ, The Connection of Church and State, and Miracles, among others.