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Revelation and Reason in Christian Theology

Christopher C. Green David I. Starling

269 pages
Lexham Press
Do revelation and reason contradict?

Throughout the church's history Christians have been tempted to make revelation and reason mutually exclusive. But both are essential to a true understanding of the faith.

The inaugural Theology Connect conference—held in Sydney in July 2016—was dedicated to surveying the intersection of revelation and reason. In Revelation and Reason in Christian Theology Christopher C. Green and David I. Starling draw together the fruit of this conference to provoke sustained, deep reflection on this relationship. The essays—filtered through epistemological, biblical, historical, and dogmatic lenses—critically and constructively contribute to this important and developing aspect of theology.

Each essayist approaches revelation and reason according to the psalmist's words: "In your light we see light" (Ps 36:9). The light of faith does not obscure truth; rather, it enables us to see truth.
Author Bio
Christopher C. Green (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is Director of Theology
Connect, Senior Adjunct in Theology at Azusa Pacific University, and Director of
Christian Foundations at Plenty Valley Christian College (Australia). He is author of
Doxological Theology: Karl Barth on Divine Providence, Evil and the Angels.#>David I. Starling (PhD, University of Sydney) is head of the Bible and Theology
department at Morling College. He is author of Hermeneutics as
Apprenticeship, UnCorinthian Leadership, and Not my
People: Gentiles as Exiles in Pauline Hermeneutics.