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Confident in Christ

Jeffery E. Miller

80 pages
Lexham Press
How do we live a life worthy of gospel of Christ?

When the Apostle Paul first shared the gospel on Philippi he was beaten and imprisoned. Years later, imprisoned again, he writes the Philippians with a message of joy and encouragement. He wants them to share in this joy, even in the face of suffering.

The book of Philippians challenges Christians to live a life that honors the gospel. In Philippians: Confident in Christ Jeffrey E Miller guides you through this letter with practical insights and helpful questions. Perfect for studying with a group or with just your favorite Bible, this Bible study will draw you closer to the gospel.
Author Bio
Jeffrey E. Miller is pursuing a doctorate at Duke Divinity School. He serves as senior pastor of Trinity Bible Church in the Dallas area, where he lives with his wife, Jenny, and their two daughters.