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The Truth, Inspiration, and Authority of Scripture

Archibald Archibald

278 pages
Lexham Press

This book, originally published in 1836 as Evidences of the Authenticity, Inspiration, and Canonical Authority of Holy Scripture, contains Archibald Alexander's defense of God's role in the inspiration of Scripture. Alexander devotes time to defending the truth of Scripture, the veracity of miracles, the fulfillment of prophecy, and the credibility of the Gospels, firmly supporting the view that the revelation of God in the Bible is neither improbable nor unreasonable.

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Author Bio

Archibald Alexander (1772–1851) was an American educator and theologian. He was President of Hampton-Sydney College (Virginia) and later became pastor of Pine Street Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. However, he is most well-known for founding Princeton Theological Seminary, where he served as principal and professor until his death in 1851. Today he is considered the first of the great Princeton theologians.