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Polynesia, 900–1600

Madi Williams

104 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This book provides a concise overview of the history of Polynesia, focusing on New Zealand and its outlying islands, during the period 900–1600. It provides a thematic examination of  Polynesia to avoid placing the region’s history into an inaccurate, linear Western chronology. The themes of movement and migration, adaptation and change, and development and expansion offer the optimal means of understanding Polynesia during this time. Through this innovative and unique perspective on Polynesian history, which has not been previously undertaken, the reader is encouraged to think about regions outside Europe in relation to the premodern period.
Author Bio
Madi Williams ============= Madi Williams (University of Canterbury) researches the boundaries of history and the inclusion of Indigenous and non-Western perspectives into New Zealand/Aotearoa and South Pacific histories.