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Body Music: Poems About the Noises Your Body Makes

32 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

They burp. They fart. They creak. They crack. Bodies make MUSIC!

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"Yolen and Van Cleave give voice to bodily noises-from butts that "BOOM" to giggles and gasps-in a riotously silly poetry collection perfectly tuned to a toilet humor-loving audience."-Publishers Weekly

"Funny, fact-filled, and succinct, this title will have broad appeal beyond the elementary aged audience it is intended for. A recommended first purchase."-School Library Journal

And let's face it: kids love every note! In Body Music, bestselling authors Jane Yolen and Ryan G. Van Cleave bring their trademark wit to fifteen hilarious poems that celebrate the sounds of the human body, from sniffles to snaps, sneezes to wheezes, hiccups to yawns, and more! Each poem is illustrated with bright, lively artwork and is accompanied by scientific facts that answer questions like: What is a knuckle crack? Why do we sneeze? and What makes a tummy rumble? Funny and secretly educational, Body Music has it all: science, history, language arts, and farts!

From the book:

What Is Body Music?:

It can be accidental sounds, responses to pain, surprise, fear. But there are also folk traditions of many different countries that use body percussion, which is the art of using the body to create vibrations and sounds. Examples of body percussion include West Africa's hambone, Ethiopian armpit music, and the hand clapping in Spanish Flamenco.