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Visible Jesus

Living Every Day to Make Him Known

Brian Edwards

160 pages
Crosslink Publishing

We are witnessing the real Jesus of the Bible being methodically and intentionally removed from our culture, and we are the only ones who can change that. Christians are the only people on the planet who are capable of revealing Jesus to the world. That is our mission. He should be seen in the hallways of our local schools, in the break rooms of our local factories, in the bleachers at our local sporting events, in our neighborhoods, grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants. People should encounter Jesus each time they encounter a Christian, but that's not happening. That is the primary reason the identity of Jesus is quickly disappearing in our culture, and that has to change.

Visible Jesus will instruct you and inspire you to make Jesus known in your everyday life. Through practical, biblical application and heartwarming true stories, Visible Jesus will equip you to be Jesus to the people around you. The world desperately needs to see Jesus, and you could be the person who introduces them, to Him.

Author Bio
Brian Edwards is the Lead Pastor of Hope Church — one church with multiple congregations. Brian has devoted His life to the continuation of the local church through church planting, and consulting. He has been married to his wife Denise for 28 years, and they have three daughters.