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Settled Dust

Musings on Race, History, Love, and Faith

218 pages
Deep River Books Llc

The story of Settled Dust takes root in the events of the last two hundred years, from the establishment of the law abolishing the importation of slaves to the New World to the Black Lives Matter protests heard down the streets of today. Amidst this history, Settled Dust tells the heart's cry of Loma, a woman who wants to be free—a woman in need of a second chance at life.

Second chances act as a tool not just for personal elevation but for the recovery of society as a whole; they right past wrongs and forge a new lease on life for freedom, liberty, and respect; they give loved ones, communities, and even entire races a new opportunity for their humanity. And beneath it all lies the unshakeable foundation of family and friends—the nucleus of society, the shield and support system upon which life is revamped and sustained and identities are developed.

Within the chants of “Black Lives Matter” echoes the aftermath of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the identities, stigma, and stereotypes that Black slavery produced. Within Loma's own story, the burden of femininity in a patriarchal world is a heavy one, and understanding lives in a lineage of ancestral women. But even with the weight of history and identity on her shoulders, Loma is a woman who raises her head despite the odds to fight for her own second chance.

Settled Dust is lyrical poetry that tells the aftermath of life-altering experiences at the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, love, and faith. When the dust settles, clarity is found, and second chances are on the horizon.

Author Bio

Titi Horsfall is a mother, novelist, and poet. She is the Head of Editorial and Digital Content for a global liquefied natural gas organization. Titi has academic and professional backgrounds in corporate communication, public relations, finance, business administration, and oil and gas management. While Titi has picked up the sport of golfing, she primarily enjoys walking through greens and beautiful landscapes.

Titi is a recipient of the African Literature Prize. Her published works include the novels From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther and Influence of a King, the nonfiction book The Rivers Frontier, and the poetic works Reflections and Settled Dust. Whether as a writer or as a reader, she loves topics that strengthen values for humanity. Titi also enjoys a little romance and finds that a historical context makes for exciting literary experiences. Titi is fascinated by the concept of purpose and seeks to convey it through her writings.