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Strawberry Parenting

Grow Kids Who Thrive!

Nate Davis

160 pages
Deep River Books Llc

Though Scripture is full of principles for parents to follow, the moment-by-moment application of those truths is often shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Mystery. Paradox. Irony. These are the real words of parenting children. Christian parenting is not as straightforward as we had hoped.

Author Nate Davis is a parent of four and uncle to 30, but he is also an educator who has been trained by hundreds of students every day for nearly 30 years. This intense and personal observation of child development through the eyes of a passionate Bible believer with an understanding of farming has been God's gift to him to help his own family and yours know how to train children biblically.

Each chapter of Strawberry Parenting begins with the musings of the Old Farmer, who matter-of-factly goes about growing strawberries with 100 percent reliance on the ancient Laws of the Harvest. Then the chapter transitions to the real-life struggles of modern-day parents who by God's grace come to rely on the eternal principles of God's Word.

Strawberry Parenting is filled with real-life examples of modern-day heroes. The author combines the eternal principles of God's Word with the ancient Laws of the Harvest to help you embrace the startling mysteries of parenting.

Divided into 27 devotion-length chapters with study questions, Strawberry Parenting is perfect for a small group Bible study or personal devotional time for parents, grandparents, teachers, or coaches.

Author Bio
Nate Davis is a teacher, coach, and principal who loves to help children thrive. He grew up in Alaska in a large Christian family that took their faith, fishing, and flying seriously. Davis went to LeTourneau College thinking God might call him to be an engineer to build towers and bridges. Instead, God called him to be an educator to build scholars and athletes. He earned bachelor's degrees in education and mathematics from the University of Alaska Anchorage and his master's degree in educational leadership from Seattle Pacific University. Davis and his wife, Sherri, have four grown children and dozens of state championship athletes who, by God's grace alone, are walking well with their Lord. They now reside in Port Alsworth, Alaska, where they serve at Tanalian School and Tanalian Bible Camp. Davis has been a longtime friend of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and is honored to be a Van Lunen Fellow.