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Earth and Sky

A Beautiful Collision of Grace and Grief

Guy Delcambre

200 pages
General Council of The Assemblies of God
Earth and Sky is the story of a traveler walking through the deepest valley and the highest mountain, through great heartache and unexpected joy. It is not a book about grief, but a book about grace and the goodness of God in the darkest night.With a refreshing frankness and raw emotion, Guy shares his journey from happy husband, to grieving widower, to single dad and victorious believer. It is a journey filled with great spiritual insight and hope. It was not a journey he chose for himself and his three young daughters, but one in which he declares, “God reframed my life with His truth and grace.”If you have experienced great loss you will find here a reason to persevere and find peace through the storm. You will be inspired to learn how God descends into the mess and loneliness of life, and grows faith watered by grace.
Author Bio
Guy Martin Delcambre is an author and public speaker based in Dallas, Texas, who writes about faith in thin moments, strength found in weakness, and God’s immeasurable grace. Guy was once a pastor, a church planter, and a widower, in that order. From the darkest night in life, the death of a spouse, to learning to live life as a single father to three young daughters, Guy traveled the greatest distance of the heart to find home in God’s faithful goodness.Together he lives with his wife, Marissa, and three daughters, Elizabeth, Emily, and Chloe.