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The Trinity in History

A Theology of the Divine Missions Volume Three: Redeeming History

Robert M. Doran Joseph Ogbonnaya

220 pages
Marquette University Press
With this volume, Robert Doran completes his three volume work The Trinity in History, aimed at showcasing the relevance of the doctrine of the Trinity in concrete history. In addition to the analytic and synthetic steps toward theological understanding, the author proposes a more distinct and comprehensive theological synthesis grounded in the impact of the Trinity in history.
Author Bio
Robert M. Doran, S.J., specialized in Catholic systematic theology and the philosophy and theology of Bernard Lonergan. He was the general editor of The Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan (University of Toronto Press), a set of twenty-five volumes, the last of which was published in November 2019.

He is the author of the three-volume trilogy The Trinity in History: A Theology of the Divine Missions; volume one: Missions and Processions (2012), volume two: Missions, Relations, and Persons (2019) and volume three: Redeeming History (2022), and of several other books, including Theology and the Dialectics of History (1990/2001), What Is Systematic Theology? (2005), Subject and Psyche (1994), and Psychic Conversion and Theological Foundations (2006). Father Doran also authored articles in several professional journals (Theological Studies, Irish Theological Quarterly, The Thomist, Journal of Religion, Communio, Toronto Journal of Theology, Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies).

He is co-Founder and Director Emeritus of the Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto, and Founding Director of the Marquette Lonergan Project.

Joseph Ogbonnaya is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Marquette University. He is the author of numerous articles and books including: African Perspectives on Culture and World Christianity (2017), Lonergan, Social Transformation and Sustainable Human Development (2013), African Catholicism and Hermeneutics of Culture (2014) as well as coeditor of Conscious in Two Ways: Robert M. Doran Remembers (2021), Intellect, Affect, and God: The Trinity, History, and the Life of Grace (2021), Everything is Connected: Towards a Globalization with a Human Face and Integral Ecology (2019), Christianity and Culture Collision (2016) and The Church as Salt and Light (2011).