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The Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual

Gregory N. Brown Mark J. Holt

402 pages
Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc
Hiring airlines recommended reading this book prior to your airline interview! Whether you’re preparing for turbine ground school, priming for a corporate or airline interview—or even if you’re upgrading into your first personal jet or turboprop—"The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual" is designed for you. With precision and a sense of humor, authors Greg Brown and Mark Holt cover all the basics for turbine pilot operations, clearly explaining the differences between turbine aircraft and their piston engine counterparts.

This manual clarifies the complex topics of turbine aircraft engines and all major power and airframe systems, subjects that are pertinent to flying bigger, faster, and more advanced aircraft. Discussions on high-speed aerodynamics, wake turbulence, coordinating multi-pilot crews, and navigating in high-altitude weather are all here, plus state-of-the-art cockpit instrumentation such as flight management systems (FMS), global navigation (GPS), and headup guidance systems (HGS or HUD). You’ll also learn the operating principles of hazard avoidance systems including weather radar, ground proximity warning systems (GPWS) and predictive wind shear systems (PWS).

This Fourth Edition includes guidance regarding the FAA's ATP-CTP training program. The textbook details the concepts and operational principles of the latest-generation cockpit instrumentation, navigation (RNAV/RNP), and communication procedures and equipment (datalink and ADS-B). Included are a glossary, index, plus a turbine pilot rules-of-thumb and turbine aircraft “Spotter’s Guide.” Additional information is available online where readers can access narrated color animations that make these systems easier than ever to understand.