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The Pilot's Manual Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program Syllabus

A Ground & Flight Training Course for ATP Airplane Multiengine Certification based on The Pilot's Manual: Airline Transport Pilot

65 pages
Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc

This syllabus provides an integrated and comprehensive flight and ground training course for Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Airplane and ATP-Restricted (ATP-R) Certification. It meets FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) requirements per Advisory Circular (AC) 61-138.

The syllabus is organized with Ground Training followed by Flight Training. The Ground Training is organized into 4 stages for a total of 30 hours of class work. The Flight Training provides detailed lesson plans for a minimum of 10 hours in a Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD) – broken down into both full flight simulator (FFS) and flight training device (FTD) lessons. Each lesson includes an objective, contents, required training time, references, and completion standards.

Multiple-choice Stage Exams and a Final Exam are included.