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Teaching Flight

Guidance for Instructors Creating Pilots (EPUB Ebook edition)

LeRoy Cook

168 pages
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Beginning or part-time flight instructors are not always fully aware of what to expect as a student pilot progresses through the flight training process. In "Teaching Flight: Guidance for Instructors Creating Pilots” author LeRoy Cook lends his half-century of experience as a guide to motivate, inspire, and mentor new instructors. In his latest book, LeRoy Cook writes to new flight instructors but his guidance regarding how to teach people to fly is a must-read for any flight instructor — or anyone aspiring to become one. LeRoy Cook's book is of the kind sorely needed in the aviation community. Though airplane and cockpit technology has changed over time, the basics of flying remain and must be mastered all the same — Cook emphasizes the basics along with the eclectic craft of teaching those basics. To make the process less daunting for both student and instructor, Cook organizes training into four phases and advises how to work through each one: solo flight; dual, and eventually solo, cross-country; passing the checkride; and passing the knowledge exam. Cook’s lessons take flight training beyond the mandated curriculum to give instructors the tools to provide pilots practical flying know-how. Cook never stopped learning about piloting; even after almost 60 years of flying he is still exploring the magic of lift, the symmetry of balanced flight, the mystery of the perfect landing — in this book, as flight instructor he is happy to share his learning quest on these topics with those that share his love of flight. He writes in the introduction, “Flying, unlike many other activities, cannot be evaluated from afar. There has to be an initial period of participation before a decision can be made about continuing to devote time and treasure to the training.” Cook is author of numerous articles and books about flying and they range from the techniques of piloting an airplane to the joys of being in the air. He writes with a quiet, plain-spoken philosophy that encourages flyers to do their best. Flight instructors following his steps will find a mentor in LeRoy Cook, while taking their students from first flight through certification. "Teaching Flight" offers a plethora of ideas for instructors to keep their students inspired, encouraged, confident, and competent on their road to earning a certificate and rating.
Author Bio
A lifelong student of aviation, LeRoy Cook is an experienced pilot and instructor who’s been flying and teaching since the early 1960s. He holds ATP certification for single and multi-engine airplanes and commercial certification for gliders and seaplanes. His Gold Seal flight instructor’s certificate has ratings for single-engine and multi-engine airplanes, instrument (airplane) and glider. Cook is the author of over 1,700 magazine articles and has written or co-authored four aviation books. He wrote the “CFI” column in Private Pilot magazine for 34 years and was the editor of Twin & Turbine magazine from 2012 to 2016.