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Aviation Maintenance Technician – General

Dale Crane Sean Fortier Terry Michmerhuizen

700 pages
Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc

The AMT series textbooks were created to set the pace for maintenance technician training and attain a level of quality that surpasses all other maintenance textbooks on the market. General covers the first section of the FAA’s required curriculum, incorporating an introduction to aviation along with basic lessons on mathematics, physics, and electricity. As the student progresses, specific aviation concerns are addressed, including regulations, mechanic privileges, forms, aircraft hardware and tools.

The curriculum meets 14 CFR Part 147 curriculum requirements, as well as prepares applicants for all subjects in the FAA Knowledge Exams. The textbooks are designed for at-home, classroom, or university-level training. They include colored charts, tables and illustrations throughout, in addition to an extensive glossary, index, and additional career information. A study guide is included within each textbook in the form of study question sections, with answer keys printed at the end of each chapter.

Author Bio
Author Dale Crane (1923 - 2010) was involved in aviation for more than 50 years. Dale was active as a writer of aviation technical materials, and a consultant in developing aviation training programs. He participated in the FAA's Aviation Mechanic Occupation Study, and Aviation Mechanic Textbook Study. ATEC presented to Dale Crane their special recognition award, and he also received the FAA's Charles Taylor "Master Mechanic" Award for 50 years of service in and contributions to the aviation maintenance industry, and the recognition of his peers for his excellence in aircraft maintenance as a leader, educator, and aviation safety advocate. Terry Michmerhuizen of Western Michigan University was Technical Editor for the 2nd and 3rd Editions of Dale's "Aviation Maintenance Technician: General" textbook. Sean Fortier of LeTourneau University's College of Aviation & Aeronautical Science edited the new 4th Edition of this "Aviation Maintenance Technician: General" textbook.