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Airline Pilot Technical Interviews

A Study Guide

Ronald D. McElroy

142 pages
Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc

A study guide to instill confidence for a successful airline checkride

All kinds of technical questions can be asked in an airline interview…yet there is a specific approach a pilot applicant should take in preparing for this part of the hiring process. In this book, author Ron McElroy gives readers an abundance of preparatory exercises in the areas of mental math, approach plates, regulations and procedures, weather, systems and aerodynamics, and cockpit situations to analyze and resolve.

Using McElroy’s tips and methods, aspiring professional pilots will be prepared to display their flying skills during the simulator ride, as well as their aeronautical knowledge during the face-to-face oral questioning. Not only will this study and practice ensure better performance during a technical interview or test—you will also likely learn something new that will help you fly the line a little better.

Author Bio
For over 40 years Ron has been flying in nearly every area of aviation possible. He’s been an Air Force test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base, a flight and ground instructor for the Air Force, several FBOs and an aviation college, a charter pilot, a skydive pilot, maintenance/ferry pilot, photo and chase plane pilot, simulator instructor and line pilot for two airlines. He is currently a flight test pilot for the FAA. Ron has flown over 170 types of aircraft in his career, from the Piper Cub to the Boeing 777 and Cirrus sF50, and the military T-38 to the C-17. Ron has always maintained a multifaceted interest in all levels of teaching pilots about the technical aspects of their profession. Armed with that experience, he has provided a tremendous service to those pilots needing just a little help to start new careers as airline pilots. Ron has consulted with many pilots both before and after their interviews. Feedback from those pilots clearly points out that technical preparation is a key part of the process. Ron gives everyone an afterburner full of mental exercises to help them hone their skills and translate those skills into a successful interview experience.