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Practical Guide to the Private Pilot Checkride

Gregg Brightwell

136 pages
Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc

Earning a flight instructor certificate (CFI) from the FAA is challenging and requires an immense amount of training and preparation and this book clarifies, in plain language, exactly what flight instructor applicants must know and demonstrate during the practical exam, eliminating any surprise associated with examiner expectations. With the national rate of success for initial CFI applicants hovering around 20 percent, preparing for this checkride is a difficult task, yet this resource fills the gap between textbook learning and practical application, resulting in better-prepared test takers. Helping students avoid the overwhelming feeling attached to the sheer volume of information that must be mastered, this guide includes ample space for taking notes, allowing the book to also serve as the ultimate study guide.

Author Bio

Gregg Brightwell holds a B.S. in Aviation Science, CFII/MEI, AGI, ATP, and A&P certificates, and has worked for Cessna Aircraft Company as an Experimental Flight Mechanic, Production Flight Test Pilot, and Avionics Technician; currently he is Flight Test Engineer for Bombardier Learjet. He is passionate about aviation and loves the freedom flying offers, as well as sharing this with his students. Practical Guide to the CFI Checkride is Gregg's first book publication.