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TH-67 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide

Q&A review of the TH-67 Operator's Supplement Ch.5, 8, 9, and IFR operations

Freddie Ephraim

Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc

Approximately business-card sized, these 400 flashcards are based on Chapters 5, 8, and 9 of the TH-67 Operator's Supplement. Comes in a paper banner shrink-wrapped, so the large stack can be divided into subject-matter category piles upon opening the set.

The TH-67 Helicopter Flashcards Study Guide is a must have for Army flight school students as well as anyone learning to fly in the TH-67 model. Designed to facilitate memorization and deepen understanding of safe and effective helicopter operations, these flashcards help both civilian and military pilots master the aircraft. They're not only useful to pilots preparing for their checkride, but also instructors looking for a thorough review to ensure currency and increase safety. Four hundred flashcards cover nearly all the material in Chapters 5, 8, and 9 of the TH-67 Operator's Supplement and FAA/Army helicopter instrument procedures.

Topics include operating limitations and restrictions, normal and emergency procedures, as well as Army IFR content for instrument/advanced students. Each card is labeled according to the chapter in the Operator's Supplement from which the question was derived. On one side of the card is the question, and the flip side provides the answer. Questions reflect the information pertinent to safe operations in the TH-67 Helicopter. The answers include references to specific materials useful for further study:
? AIM - Aeronautical Information Manual
? AR95-1 - Aviation Flight Regulations (Department of the Army)
? FIH - Flight Information Handbook
? FLIP - DOD/U.S. government Flight Information Publications
? FM - Flight Manual 03-04.240
? FTG - Flight Training Guide
? GP - General Planning (DOD Flight Information Publication)
? IFRS - IFR Supplement
? OS - TH-67 Operator's Supplement