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Catholic Update Guide to the Mass

Mary Carol Kendzia

48 pages
Franciscan Media
Catholics have many questions about the central practice of the faith: Why do I need to go every Sunday? Why can't non-Catholics receive the Eucharist? What are the differences in the parts of the Mass? The Catholic Update Guide to the Mass compiles the best of Catholic Update to answer these and many other questions.

In addition to offering clear guidance to the changes in the Roman Missal, this resource is also ideal for anyone returning to the practice of the Catholic faith, for those who are becoming Catholic, and for parents who want to know more about the Mass as they bring their children to celebrate the Eucharist.
Author Bio
As series editor, Mary Carol Kendzia has combed the best-selling issues of Catholic Update to bring together the best work of Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M., Msgr. William H. Shannon, Rev. Lawrence Mick, and other popular writers.