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Song of the Rest of Us

Mindi Kirchner

36 pages
The Kent State University Press

“Mindi Kirchner possesses an unblinking honesty and wit that is at once enchanting and heartbreaking. Her agile, beautifully crafted poems address the disappointments and sorrows of our uncrafted, ordinary lives and the painful distance between reality and imagination. She celebrates the joy in spite of, not because of, what is. Like a Buddhist she wishes for no other life, no reincarnation. And yet, as her reader, I can’t wait to see more, more lives, or at least many more books, from this talented new voice.”—Nin Andrews

“Mindi Kirchner’s poems are rich with vivid detail and full of passion and spirit. Song of the Rest of Us recognizes and celebrates ‘the rest of us,’ people whose lives sometimes get overlooked, ignored, by elements of our larger culture. These poems resonate and linger like the best songs, the songs that touch us, the songs that make us want to move, to dance.”—Jim Daniels, Judge 2007 Open Chapbook Competition

Author Bio
Mindi Kirchner was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and holds degrees from Penn State University and the NEOMFA program. She enjoys teaching at Youngstown State University and reading poems voraciously.