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The Law Clerk

A novel

Scott Douglas Gerber

272 pages
The Kent State University Press

A mystery thriller about a high-profile First Amendment case

“As eye-opening as it is page-turning, Scott Gerber’s Grisham-style legal thriller takes us behind the scenes of the pornography industry and the judicial system, revealing often-hidden realities of each as well as how they can converge.”
—Catharine A. MacKinnon, Elizabeth A. Long Professor of Law, University of Michigan

An explosive novel by a former law clerk to a federal judge, The Law Clerk combines the insider feel of today’s most exciting fiction with insights into one of the most pressing social issues of the day: the impact of pornography.

Sam Grimes is heartbroken by a law school romance gone bad. Searching for new horizons, he accepts a prestigious clerkship with a federal judge in Providence, Rhode Island. He quickly finds himself both falling in love with a beautiful young woman he meets at the courthouse and working on the case of the decade in New England: the obscenity trial of Joey Mancini, the son of a Mafia boss. And as Sam is about to find out, one thing has everything to do with the other.

Published by Ohio Northern University and distributed by Kent State University Press

Author Bio
Scott Douglas Gerber is a law professor at Ohio Northern University. He received both a PhD and a JD from the University of Virginia and a BA from the College of William and Mary. His previous books are The Declaration of Independence: Origins and Impact (2002), The Ivory Tower: A Novel (2002), First Principles: The Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas (1999), Seriatim: The Supreme Court before John Marshall (1998), and To Secure These Rights: The Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Interpretation (1995).