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Stranger Truths

Maureen Passmore

18 pages
The Kent State University Press

“Maureen Passmore’s poetry I can only liken to cut-and-polished jewels: structurally simple, innately priceless, sharp-edged, and brilliant. . . . With the jeweler’s touch, she brings out just enough edge, elegant and lean, to intrigue us before offering the next edge, then the next. What makes her poetry more than just admirable is the genuine vision behind it: she is determined to recreate emotional experience through a vehicle other than herself. . . . In a time of highly decorative and self-serving artistry, here comes a poet with the strength of the ground.” — Larissa Szporluk

Author Bio
Maureen Passmore earned an M.F.A. from Bowling Green State University, where she received the Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award. Her poems have appeared in Sycamore Review and have won the Mississippi Review Poetry Prize. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.