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A Return Journey

Hope and Strength in the Aftermath of Alzhiemer's

Sue Petrovski

192 pages
Purdue University Press
What choices were right, what choices were wrong, and how can she now help those whose journey is just beginning. She clearly and wisely explains that in Alzheimer's there are no "right" ways, no "best" decisions, no "perfect" answers. The Return Journey is the result of Sue's personal journals during her mother's 8-year illness and her correspondence with other caregivers kind enough to share their innermost feelings and emotions. Their stories provide the reader with an insider's view - lessons to be learned from looking through the personal peephole of family members at the heart of the experience itself.
Author Bio
Susan Matthews Petrovski has a B.A. degree from Lawerence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, and an M.A. in secondary/adult education from the the University of Colorado. She is a retired teacher of high school history and government. She does volunteer work for her local Rocky Mountian Chapter of Alzheimer's Association. In addition to a regular position on the helpline she also assists an early stage support group and a strategy group at the association. Petrovski's mother died of the effects of Alzheimers as did her mother-in-law. She and her husband were the primary caregivers for her mother.