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Tuning into Mom

Understanding America's Most Powerful Consumer

Michal Clements Teri Lucie Thompson

200 pages
Purdue University Press
American mothers are household CFOs, in charge of an estimated $2.45 trillion in direct spending. They are also an important influence on other family members' buying habits. Many organizations have identified moms as an important customer group, but the broad, age-based definitions these companies work with mask an array of different consumer behaviors. Written by two leading marketers, this book provides a new approach to understanding the "American Mom" market, examining the effect of age of the eldest child on women's values and attitudes to food, exercise, education, health, technology, and fashion. The authors examine the mom's influence on (or control of) the purchasing habits of children of all ages;from infants and toddlers to young adults. In doing so, it brings focus to the frequently-overlooked purchase influence of moms on teenagers.The authors combine large scale quantitative research of more than 4,700 mothers with qualitative case studies from individual participants. The authors also draw on decades of real-world experience to combine their research with implementable examples of best practice. Highly recommended for practitioners in retailing and product development, this book will also be a valuable supplemental text for college courses in consumer behavior and marketing strategy.
Author Bio
Michal Clements is a SeniorPrincipal at The Cambridge Group. Michal develops winning growthstrategies and detailed go-tomarket plans for some of theworld's outstanding organizations including McDonald's, Gatorade, Abbott, Barilla, Tylenol, Clorox, Key Bank, Eagle Ottawa, Quaker, and the Baker Demonstration School. Michal's work developing growth strategy, positioning, innovation, and brand equity guidelines spans both business-to-business and business-to consumer. Michal is also the proud parent of two young adults.Teri Lucie Thompson is ChiefMarketing Officer and VicePresident for Marketing andMedia at Purdue University.She previously served as vicepresident of marketing for Safeco, and held a number of marketing leadership roles at State Farm Insurance, where she spearheaded the company's efforts in marketing to women. An early adopter of non-traditional marketing, Thompson has been a pioneer in segmented marketing, receiving national recognition as an innovative marketer. She earned a 2010 Stevie award as Marketing Executive of the Year and was a finalist for both the 2011 International Brand Master and 2011 CMO of the Year awards. Both women are founding board members of the Marketing to Moms Coalition and co-creators of the annual State of the American Mom survey.