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A Guy’s Journey to Manhood

Today’s Boy, Tomorrow’s Man

Doug Marsh

184 pages
General Council of The Assemblies of God
American author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau wrote, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." God placed with you the strength to make you come alive. The world needs your contribution - something no one else can offer. That might be expressed in a song or a poem. Maybe you'll produce the world's next architectural marvel. Perhaps your gift to the world will be a medical breakthrough or a new discovery. Whatever it is, people everywhere deserve to receive what God has equipped you to deliver. And it will make you come alive too! Settling for anything less is common living. But you are an uncommon guy and on adventure with God. Refuse a life of quiet desperation. Do the challenging things to build your character and strength. Take the journey to discover your life task and offer it to the world. Your impact will be felt for eternity.
Author Bio
Doug Marsh devotes his life to mentoring future men as a ministry director, missionary, author, and speaker. He explains, "Today's boy is tomorrow's man. The choices we make as young men echo far into the future." He and his wife, Kerry, are the proud parents of son, Jon, and daughter, Katelyn. They live near Springfield, Missouri.