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The Holy Spirit

A Pentecostal Perspective

Anthony D. Palma George O. Wood

685 pages
General Council of The Assemblies of God
Ideal for a small group study and for personal study, this book is driven by the question, "What does the Scripture say about the Holy Spirit?" Preeminent scholar Anthony D. Palma looks to the Bible for a thorough understanding of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Three major areas are explored and tested by Palma: a presentation of the commonly held theological beliefs regarding the Holy Spirit, an in-depth exploration of the Pentecostal teaching on the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and a discussion of the nature of spiritual gifts and whether the extraordinary gifts were withdrawn after the first century. Each part draws from the original languages and effectively fuses theology to everyday experience.
Author Bio

Anthony D. Palma has had a long and distinguished career as an educator, especially as professor of New Testament, Greek, and theology. He has served on a number of Assemblies of God faculties, including that of its seminary. His degrees include an M.Div. from New York Theological Seminary and an S.T.M. and a Th.D. from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. He has contributed to The Full Life Bible Commentary, Bible Doctrines, and The Holy Spirit in Christian Education; monographs include The Spirit-God in Action.

George O. Wood is the chief executive officer of the Assemblies of God and chairman of the larger World Assemblies of God fellowship. He holds a doctoral degree in pastoral theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a juris doctorate from Western State University. He is the author of numerous books including Living in the Spirit, A Psalm in Your Heart, Living Fully, and The Successful Life.