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Dads Coaching Clinic Leader Guide

Turning Dads into Great Dads

54 pages
General Council of The Assemblies of God
In an era where fathers aren’t necessarily seen as positive role models, Dads Coaching Clinic seeks to help dads acquire the skills necessary to move from mediocrity to extraordinary in their role as fathers. Great Hall of Fame coaches went through strategic preparation in order to be successful coaches. The same goes for successful dads—they must go through a preparation phase in order to establish a successful plan for raising their family. This five-session clinic will teach men 16 points to enable them to build strong and lasting bonds with their wives and children—creating a rich legacy for generations to come. SESSIONS: 1. The Coach’s Preparation 2. The Coach’s Plan of Action 3. The Power of a Father’s Love 4. “Managing” to Be an Effective Father 5. Hall of Fame Dad. The material can be covered in a weekend retreat, one-day clinic, or weekly small group meeting. This study will help both non-Christian and Christian men understand and properly assume their responsibilities as fathers.
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