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Deserting the King

The Book of Judges

David Beldman Craig G. Bartholomew

112 pages
Lexham Press
The book of Judges can pose many puzzles for readers today: who were the "judges"? Why was this book written, and how does it fit into the biblical narrative? And how can the story it tells--one of bloodshed, intrigue, and rejection of Yahweh's authority--change our understanding of God today?

Deserting the King guides readers through the difficulties that the book of Judges can pose for readers as it traces both the evil and redemption present in Israel's approach to kingship--and, by extension, God. And while examining the book's structure and key themes, author David Beldman draws in stories from his life and the world today, showing how this Old Testament book, in its darkness and heroism, gives us a lens to see God's at work throughout history.
Author Bio
David Beldman is an associate professor of religion and theology at Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, where he loves opening up the riches of Scripture with undergraduate students. He is also on faculty at the Missional Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona, where he teaches in the area of Old Testament. He has published on various aspects of the Old Testament and biblical theology. He is the author of The Completion of Judges: Strategies of Ending in Judges 17-21 (Eisenbrauns, 2017) and is currently writing a commentary on Judges (Eerdmans).

Craig G. Bartholomew (PhD, Bristol University) is H. Evan Runner Chair of Philosophy and professor of philosophy and religion & theology, Redeemer University College. He is author of Ecclesiastes (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms), Where Mortals Dwell, and coauthor of The Drama of Scripture.