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Every Good Thing

An Introduction to the Material World and the Common Good for Christians

David W. Jones

144 pages
Lexham Press
The physical world around us should have just as much bearing on how Christians act and think as the life to come. But Christians often don't understand how the Bible speaks directly to this important aspect of everyday life.

In Every Good Thing, David W. Jones illustrates the wide variety of areas--wealth and poverty, tithing and creation-care, vocation and Sabbath--impacted by our understanding of the Bible's teaching on the material realm. This short book surveys key concepts and controversies on each topic, accompanied by Bible passages to help readers develop a more robust worldview of the physical world around us.

After all, Christians should take the life of Christ as an example for their own--and his life on earth reflected a deep concern for and engagement with the world in which he walked and breathed, worked and lived. So, too, God calls us to think biblically about how our beliefs impact our material lives.
Author Bio
David W. Jones serves as professor of Christian ethics, associate dean for graduate program administration, and director of the Th.M. program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has authored or coauthored six books and more than a dozen articles that have appeared in various academic publications. He resides in North Carolina with his wife and children.