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21st Century Flight Training

General Aviation Manual for Primary Flight Training in the New Millennium

Sean E. Lane Richard A. Skovgaard

472 pages
Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc

The effect that recent technological advances in aviation-related software, hardware, and infrastructure flying skills and their increased reliance on such devices during cloudless flights is examined in this authoritative Attitude Reference (VAR), the revolutionary flight training program, is at the center of this discussion and call for a visual flight instruction program similar to that of Basic Attitude Instruments (BAI). Core VAR segments, task prioritization, and proficiency segments for performance maneuvers—all of which lead efficiency and sound aeronautical decision—are discussed, as well as visual situational awareness and plane maintenance. Additional information is also provided on passing checkrides and oral examinations, pilot maintenance responsibilities, and FAA special-emphasis programs including the TAA Safety Study Standard.