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A University of Tradition

The Spirit of Purdue

Purdue Reamer Club

296 pages
Purdue University Press
A University of Tradition is a fascinating compilation of history, customs, pictures, and facts about Purdue University from its founding in 1869 to the present day. Covering all aspects of Purdue, from the origin of the nickname of its students and alumni'Boilermakers'to a chronological list of all buildings ever constructed on the campus of West Lafayette, Indiana, this book presents the ultimate insider”s guide to one of the world”s great universities. It contains a wealth of facts about student, academic, sporting, and campus traditions, as well as biographical information on all the University presidents and other members of Purdue”s family, including David Ross, Neil Armstrong, Eliza Fowler, Jack Mollenkopf, Helen Schleman, and Amelia Earhart.A University of Tradition spotlights many items that will spark the memories of any Purdue alumnus or fan. No matter if you were in the ¦All-American˜ Marching Band, lived in the Quad, participated in Grand Prix, wrote for the Purdue Exponent, or were on campus when the Boilermakers won the 1967 Rose Bowl, you will appreciate and enjoy this book. The second edition is fully updated for 2012 and includes information about new landmarks, new traditions, and the incoming twelfth president of the University.
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The Purdue Reamer Club is a student organization at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The Club was founded in 1923 and is dedicated to fostering the observance of school traditions, supporting all sporting events, and aiding in the development of proper school spirit. They are also the caretakers of the Boilermaker Special, the much traveled “train” that is the official mascot of Purdue University.