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Under Arturo's Star

The Cultural Legacies of Elsa Morante

Stefania Lucamante

322 pages
Purdue University Press
Elsa Morante has long been recognized internationally as one of the most significant, innovative, and important writers of the 20th century Italy. Nonetheless, there has, to date, been no full-length study in English dedicated to her work. Critical perspectives on Morante's literary achievement have shifted dramatically in recent years, and while this volume proposes to offer the first comprehensive evaluation of Morante to appear outside Italy, it also aims to take into account modern critical and theoretical developments. The authors’ aim is to underline Morante’s centrality in a broader context which goes beyond Italian national frontiers and deserves critical attention across a range of transcultural disciplines, departing from the traditional realm of philological analysis to encompass approaches informed by cultural and interdisciplinary studies. This volume gives a comprehensive insight into current thinking on and understanding of Elsa Morante's work. This book places her work in a much wider context of European culture, and traces her influence on a younger generation of writers.