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A Return Journey

Hope and Strength in the Aftermath of Alzheimer's (Purdue Series on Ageing & Care)

Sue Petrovski

188 pages
Purdue University Press
A Return Journey is truly the author’s travels into the world of Alzheimer’s. Drawing on her correspondence and conversations with other caregivers, Petrovski provides a unique look at the environment of Alzheimer’s—the afflicted, the affected, the afterthoughts. In the end, she talks of the true survivors left behind to deal with the disease's aftermath—the caregivers. Petrovski describes how caregivers traverse the successes and failures of their journey until they eventually find the best route on the rocky path of helping human beings in the throes of diminishing selfhood. Offering caregivers hope, support, and a sense of oneness, A Return Journey demonstrates that as painful as it is to watch a loved one vanish bit by bit, there is grace and wisdom to be found on the way.
Author Bio
Susan Matthews Petrovski has a B.A. degree from Lawerence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, and an M.A. in secondary/adult education from the the University of Colorado. She is a retired teacher of high school history and government. She does volunteer work for her local Rocky Mountian Chapter of Alzheimer's Association. In addition to a regular position on the helpline she also assists an early stage support group and a strategy group at the association. Petrovski's mother died of the effects of Alzheimers as did her mother-in-law. She and her husband were the primary caregivers for her mother.