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Amish Schools of Indiana

Faith in Education

Stephen Bowers Harroff

180 pages
Purdue University Press
The Amish Schools of Indiana studies the fascinating history of the Old Order Amish parochial school movement in Indiana from its beginnings in 1948 through 2002. Included in the work are complete descriptions of buildings and grounds, as well as descriptive essays on the pupils and their teachers, the curriculum, the values that are taught, and the religious community that surrounds and supports the school. Readers are invited into the school at numerous points, to sit in on classes, school programs, and impromptu celebrations, as they read anecdotal accounts of real experiences. While preserving the anonymity and Amish proscription against posed pictures, the book makes generous use of photographs to document the current state of Old Order Amish education in Indiana.
Author Bio
Stephen Harroff has taught the German language, literature, and culture at IPFW for over 30 years. He is the recipient of numerous teaching awards, including the Indiana University President's Award for Distinguished Teaching. His maternal grandfather taught in one of the first Old Order Amish schools; his mother substituted as a teacher for Amish children in Adams County; and the author spent three months of residency during 1997 in the Amish parochial schools, including several days of substitute teaching. The author is an avid angler, mountain hiker, and collector of artifacts from the American West.