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Passion for Ideas

How Innovators Create the New and Shape Our World

Bolko von Oetinger Heinrich von Pierer

367 pages
Purdue University Press

Business and industry leaders are eager to find ways to spark the creative instinct in their work forces. The creation, implementation, and sustainability of new ideas is the lifeblood ensuring the growth and viability of any organization. Without continuing innovation, competitive advantage and global market share are endangered. Once-thriving organizations can find themselves unprepared for the future. This newly translated work examines the multi-layered environment of innovation by melding the thoughts of business management pundits like Peter Senge with the views of artist, politicians, and other non-traditional thinkers like Tao Ho, Peter Greenaway, and Wolfgang Rihm. These thought leaders share their insights and help us to understand the process of creativity and construction and the methods to move organizations forward in an ever-changing climate.