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Fictions du scandale

Corps féminin et réalisme romanesque au dix-neuviéme siécle

Nathalie Rogers

324 pages
Purdue University Press
According to Rogers, the nineteenth century was incapable of managing the feminine question and preferred to mythicize it. Everything that was related to it, especially feminine sexuality, was transformed into fiction. Thus women were saddled with the role of scapegoat.
Author Bio

Nathalie Buchet Rogers (d. 2007), Wellesley College,
avait édité des oeuvres sur des aspects du roman du XVIIIe au XXe siècle aussi
que des issues qui traitent plus directement du XIXe siècle, qui était son

Nathalie Buchet Rogers was a French professor at Wellesley College. She
completed her Masters and PhD in French Studies at Brown University.