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One More Day Everywhere

Crossing Fifty Borders on the Road to Global Understanding

Glen Heggstad

448 pages
Ecw Press

The motorcycle adventurer and author of Two Wheels Through Terror delivers a “spectacular and gripping read” of his solo journey around the world (Friction Zone)

“This is a story of extreme travel at its finest.” — RoadRUNNER

In November of 2001, on a motorcycle trip to the tip of South America, Glen Heggstad was kidnapped at gunpoint by Colombian rebels and held captive for five weeks. Yet even after his traumatic incarceration, Glen did what few others would — finished his trip.

Three years later, frustrated by the climate of fear in a media-saturated world and the resulting stranglehold of self-imposed security in the United States, Glen decided to look for truth on his own terms — on the back of his motorcycle. Starting in Japan, Glen wound his way through Siberia, Mongolia, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, stopping in over thirty countries. This was not a tourist’s bus tour — Glen battled extreme temperatures, knee-deep mud, bureaucratic roadblocks, health problems, and loneliness, but these problems faded to insignificance with the thrill of the open road and the smiling receptions he received from locals and fellow bikers at every turn.

With One More Day Everywhere, readers can share Glen Heggstad’s vision of a world ungoverned by fear and, like Glen, embrace each experience, with one eye always on the horizon.

Author Bio
After growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Glen Heggstad went from being the youngest Hells Angel ever voted in, to International Martial Arts champion. He’ s spent the last two decades traveling the world solo from hitchhiking through Ireland to motorcycling the Third World. Made famous after a harrowing capture by Colombian terrorists and along with frequent newspaper articles, he’ s been featured on CBS News 48 Hours, National Public Radio, MSNBC, Montel Williams, Larry King Live and is the subject of a National Geographic Channel docu-drama. While out on the road, he stays in touch with readers by posting travelogues on his widely viewed website www.strikingviking.net.