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The Bond’s Revenge

A Guide to Thriving in the Bond Market

Alex Doulis

152 pages
Ecw Press
Questions concerning buying and selling in the bond market have simultaneously interested and baffled Canadians. When is the right time to buy a bond? When is the right time to sell? Is there a right time?In The Bond’s Revenge, Alex Doulis employs the affable Stewart and Angelo to provide solutions to these very same questions. Travelling to Italy to visit Angelo — an expert in the market who has made a fortune in bonds — Stewart learns about government bonds, offshore bond investing and the difference between equity and debt securities. He also learns how the corporate bond market operates and how, most importantly, he can profit from that market.Effectively structuring The Bond’s Revenge around the Socratic method, Doulis brilliantly illustrates what a real investor can hope to earn in the securities markets while also explaining the benefits of the buy and hold strategy used by major investing institutions. If these institutions are turning profits investing in the corporate market then, Doulis explains, the average person can too.Predating the arrival of income trusts, The Bond’s Revenge reveals that there is an even more secure source of investment returns than that offered by most stock brokers: the corporate bond market.
Author Bio
Born in Vancouver in 1939, Alex Doulis worked as a mathematician in the early days of computers before entering the investment industry where he toiled for 19 years. He has spent the past ten years living tax-free on his yacht in the Mediterranean and travelling.