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Here is my street, this tree I planted

Jonathan Bennett

60 pages
Ecw Press
Winding their way through places that are experiencin g a change of purpose, Jonathan Bennett’s poems move with a unique, seductive language and an irresistible drive. Revelling in the articulation of transition, as awestruck by the possibilities of change as it is keenly aware of loss, this debut collection rejects the too-easy judgements of navigation guided solely by a moral compass. With influences as diverse as the poetry of Les Murray and the painting of Edward Hopper, Here is my street, this tree I planted bounces, both linguistically and culturally, from one end of the globe to the other — and back again. Always moving, always seeking, always metamorphosing: Bennett’s writing is the kind of poetry this country needs — one that’s as universal as it is Canadian.
Author Bio
Jonathan Bennett is the author of After Battersea Park and Verandah People. In 2003, he was a finalist for ARC magazine’s “poem of the year” award. Originally from Sydney, Australia, he now lives in Port Hope, Ontario.