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Good Girls Do

Sex Chronicles of a Shameless Generation

Simona Chiose

252 pages
Ecw Press
A personal meditation on the wild world that is sexuality now. “‘I want you to tell me why you wrote this story,’ my mother said. I had once again written an article about sex. ‘I made it all up, none of it is true,’ I said. Her voice over the phone line, sounding tense, confrontational — and worried —  had made me feel instantly ashamed.” So begins Good Girls Do, a personal meditation on the wild world that is sexuality now. From transgendered women living as men, S/M dominatrixes, bathhouses, and the explosion of amateur pornography, Simona Chiose investigates a world in which old notions of morality have become irrelevant and we are making up our own rules. No more sneaking around with the Playboy or the Penthouse,  the Anaïs Nin, the pictures of Betty Page. Sex is for sale everywhere, openly, profitably. It’s a wonder our mothers can still shame us. Funny, honest and fearless, Good Girls Do blends observations on our sex-saturated culture with personal experiences and profiles of the pioneers who are dragging us — some kicking and screaming — into this brave new world. A whiff of sex that will make both the shameless and the modest sit up, Good Girls Do documents a future where everyone is a sexual outlaw and everyone is in love.
Author Bio
Simona Chiose is a Toronto journalist who has written widely on arts, culture, and gender relations. Her copy of The Story of O was stolen when she was 15 and has yet to be returned.