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The Healthy Barmaid

Dr. W. Gifford-Jones

216 pages
Ecw Press

Located at the heart of London's teaching hospitals, The Red Lion pub is the regular haunt of the area's most distinguished medical professors. For years, they have been stopping in for a pint, and to talk over the day's medical issues with Ida, the pub's remarkably vibrant and energetic proprietor. In The Healthy Barmaid, we join them in their nightly talks, and learn about such vital medical issues as the controversial role of cholesterol in cardiovascular disease, the importance of hormone therapy for both sexes, sporting injuries that should never happen, vitamin therapy, the benefits of moderate drinking, why some people are destined for a medical hell, and many other topics.

Author Bio

DR. W. GIFFORD-JONES has written several books on medical topics. His column, noted for calling a spade a spade, appears in newspapers throughout Canada and the United States.