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Wake Up—God’s Talking to You

Manny Dean Fernandez

152 pages
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From the beginning of time, God has spoken to people in their dreams. Through them he has reached out to both men of God—Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, Jacob, and his dream interpreter son, Joseph—and ungodly men and women, like Pharaoh or Pontius Pilate’s wife. Even today, God has not stopped speaking to us in our dreams. We simply stopped listening or being aware of Him. More than twenty years ago, after God woke him up one night with an incredible dream, author Manny Fernandez set off on a lifelong journey to explore what could be learned from dreams. He made it his mission to teach others how to remember their dreams and, with God’s help, interpret their meaning. In his guidebook, Fernandez includes his own diary of dreams, associated Scriptures and explanations, ways to remember and understand God’s special messages, an examination of parables, and his ideas for connecting with God through dreams and prayer. Wake Up—God’s Talking to You is an innovative teaching tool that guides spiritual seekers through all the ways God speaks to us through dreams and brings us closer to Him.
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