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The Troll of Newburg

Tony Foglio

136 pages
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This is a story about every child’s imagination—your imagination. It takes place in the early twentieth century about 1910. It is a fairy tale, a fantasy. However, the places are real and so are the people. The names have been altered to add a touch of mystery, or just in case someone does not like his or her character. The house is real, including the three doors. Maybe it’s your house, your home town, or your family. Maybe it’s your name that has been changed in our story. Even Gillo, the Troll is real. At least he was real to my youngest grandson. The only contrast to his imaginary friend, Gillo and the Gillo of our story is that his friend Gillo was just about always in trouble. When my grandson, was about Sue’s age in our story (four), he came walking in the living room with peanut butter all over his face. His mom said, “Didn’t I say to stay out of the peanut butter?” He immediately said, “Yes, but you don’t understand; Gillo fell into the peanut butter jar, and I was just trying to get him out.” Imagination is an excellent gift.
Author Bio
Dr. Tony Foglio is the author of the Sonrise Daily Devotional Bible and the Discover the bible Devotional. Tony was a businessman and teacher before retiring as senior pastor of Sonrise Community Church in Santee, California. As a businessman, pastor, story teller, and grandfather to very imaginative children he has taken everyday events and created a wonderful imaginary friend named, Gillo.