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Midway Dreams

David Shew Rhonda Shew-Orttenburger

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Young girls and young boys often dream of owning a pony or learning to ride their very own horse. “Midway Dreams” is a story about a young pony that dreams big dreams which will hopefully encourage young girls and boys to chase their dreams.
Author Bio
In 2011, I asked my sister, Rhonda, if she would co-write a children’s book with me. Thankfully she agreed and we put our imaginations to work. About half way through the first draft, Rhonda said that we should make our children’s book educational as well as entertaining so we did our research and added the factual information to “Midway Dreams.” Rhonda is a fourth grade school teacher at Kit Carson Elementary School in Richmond, Kentucky. She earned her Masters Degree from the Bread Loaf School of English, a summer graduate program at Middlebury College, in Vermont and her Masters in Elementary Education from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. Rhonda has served as one of the writing instructors for Madison County and also taught several graduate level writing classes at Eastern Kentucky University. Today, besides a teacher and author, Rhonda is a proud mother and grandmother. Rhonda and I grew up working for our father in the newspaper business. At 22, my father appointed me the Editor of The Richmond Register. During high school and college, I opened the newspaper each morning and processed the Associated Press wire service which was very much an educational experience for me. In 1985, I became a certified public accountant and today my wife and I live in Lexington, Kentucky. Writing “Midway Dreams” was truly a labor of love for me. Hopefully Midway’s dreams will come true, and Rhonda and I will get to write about them in the years to come.