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The Sleepy Monster

Kate Bucknell Julia Seal

14 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

Is your Sleepy Monster sneaking through? When children turn into little monsters, their parents know exactly what to do! A charming series about common causes for 'bumps' in the day, the Little Monster series shows kids how accepting a gentle nudge can help them get back to their real selves. The series includes lazy, sleepy, silly, and hungry.

Author Bio

With a background in marketing and a Business degree from university, Kate’s interest in writing has grown over the years alongside her passion for family. Her husband works in the publishing industry and they have four children under the age of 6. Kate is surrounded daily by the perfect audience for her writing, and she continues to write children’s books with them all as the sounding boards for her work.

Julia Seal was five when she decided she was either going to work in a shoe shop or draw pictures for a living. Luckily, many years later, she graduated from a university with a degree in graphic design and illustration. After working in the greeting card industry and getting covered in glitter every day, she moved onto her dream job illustrating children's books. She now lives in a small village near Bath with her husband and two children, surrounded by books and inspiration.