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The Prince of the Pin Elves

213 pages
Library of Alexandria
“I wonder where all the pins go,” said Harry to himself, as he examined the lapel of his coat, where he was sure he had stuck two or three that very morning. Of course Harry was not the first boy who had thus wondered, but it was the first time the question had ever occurred to him. If he wanted a pin the only sure place to find one was on his mother’s cushion, because that was kept filled with new ones. But what became of all the old ones? He himself would sometimes lose several in a day, and yet he hardly ever found one, no matter how carefully he might look. Just now, however, he saw one lying in the path before him, and was about to pick it up, when suddenly it vanished from sight. He rubbed his eyes and looked again, but it was certainly gone. “That’s funny!” he thought; “I’m sure it was there.” Stooping over, he put out his hand and seemed to touch something soft. He closed his hand and started back, when to his amazement he found in his grasp an object that looked like a small, round, pointed hat. Now Harry knew a thing or two. He had read all about fairies and elves, and had seen pictures of them, and he concluded at once that this must be an elf’s hat. He put it on his head without delay, and sure enough, just as he expected, there stood an elf before him. “Please give me back my hat,” said the little creature, in a beseeching tone. “No, no,” replied Harry. “I’ve read about you elves, and I know you are my servant while I have your hat. I want to see where you live, and all that. And—oh! yes,” he exclaimed as a thought struck him; “what became of that pin that was here in the path? Did you take it?” The elf nodded, and held out his hand, in which lay the pin.