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The Jataka (Volume IV)

Library of Alexandria
Once upon a time, in the days of the Buddha Kassapa, there dwelt in Benares a merchant, whose wealth was eighty crores of money, having a son named Mittavindaka. The mother and father of this lad had entered upon the First Path, but he was wicked, an unbeliever. When by and bye the father was dead and gone, the mother, who in his stead managed their property, thus said to her son:—My son, the state of man is one hard to attain3; give alms, practise virtue, keep the holy day, give ear to the Law. Then said he, Mother, no almsgiving or such like for me; never name them to me; as I live, so shall I fare hereafter. On a certain full-moon holy day, as he spoke in this fashion, his mother answered, Son, this day is set apart as a high holy day. To-day take upon you the holy day vows; visit the cloister, and all night long listen to the Law, and when you come back I will give you a thousand pieces of money.