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The Life of Venerable Sister Margaret Bourgeois

Library of Alexandria
Having read a French edition of the Life of Venerable Sister Bourgeois, published in 1818, the translator of the present work was so charmed by its perusal that she resolved on rendering it into English for the spiritual edification of Others. Many years ago the work of translation was commenced, but from some preventing cause or Other, was as often laid aside. Yet the idea of presenting it to the public remained, as no English Version of Sister Bourgeois’ life exists, at least in the United States. Therefore determining at last to obey an impulse of long standing, the scattered translation sheets have been prepared for publication, with the humble hope that the reader may derive as much benefit from their perusal as did the writer. In this age of miscellaneous and corrupt literature, when people of every condition of life are literally devouring irreligious magazines and serials, it surely cannot be amiss to add another volume to the already rich store of our libraries in order to help roll back the torrent of universal depravity that threatens the rain of our beloved country, and also to place before the minds of the young, the glorious example of one of God’s heroines