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The Merry-Thought; Or, the Glass-Window and Bog-House Miscellany

Library of Alexandria
Madam Catherine Cadiere’s Case opened, against Father Girard’s powerful Injunction. In a Window at Maidenhead. MY dearest Kitty, says the Fryar, Give me a holy Kiss, and I'll retire, Which Kiss set all his Heart on Fire. He had no Rest that Night, but often cry'd, Z—-nds, my dear Kitty shall be occupy'd; I'll lay aside my Rank, I will not be deny'd. To-morrow I'll try her, Said the Fryar;And so he went to her, And did undoe her, By making her cry out for Mercy;And then he kiss'd her Narsey-Parsey. L. F. 1731. Underwritten